Subsoilers 5400

Descompactador Apache 5400

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Central tube 140 mm x 140 mm x 8 mm; Transverse structure 120 mm x 120 mm x 1/4 ". With depth recording system

Type of lance
Articulated by hydraulic cylinder with registration for leveling of the frame

Number of hydraulic cylinders
3 (2: for chassis work
1: for chassis leveling)

Number of sheets
At least 4
Maximum 8

Type of sheets
Curves, of French origin Model MITCHEL

Longitudinal separation between sheets
1.300 mm

Transverse separation between uprights
Minimum 800 mm
Maximum 1000 mm

Characteristics of the roll
Option 1: Ø 440 mm - Length 3,300 mm / Qty: 1 x maq.
Option 2: Ø 440 mm - Length 800 mm / Qty: 2 x maq.
All floating on the frame

Maximum Working Depth
450 mm

Clear to maximum working depth
300 mm

Clear transport
300 mm

Blades for cut stubble
4 blades - articulated system with spring

Blade diameter

2 rounds 750 x 16 "

Required power per active organ
Between 20 and 30 hp. Depending on the soil conditions, working depth, humidity and degree of compaction

Optional: fertilizer-capacity hopper
760 liters

Fertilizer dosing
Wheel type chevron

Density regulation of fertilizers
Box in oil bath

Optional: number of blades for coverage cut

Blade diameter for cover cutting

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