Apache Planter AIR DRILL 918

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Type of planting
Thin-grained beads - Thick grains with mechanical slant

Working width
8.57 m (49 lines to 17.5 cm) - 8.40 m (24 lines to 35 cm); 8.92 m (17 lines at 52.5 cm); 8,40 m (12 lines
At 70 cm); 8.60 m (43 lines at 20 cm); 8.80 m (22 lines at 40 cm)

Large compartmentalized hopper - Total capacity
3300 lts. (3.3 mt3) With dividing partition that divides in 60-40%

Hopper girl
2200 lts. (2.2 m 3)

Fine grains and fertilizer dispenser
Wheel type chevron

Coarse grain dispenser
Dispenser inclined with lateral discharge

Transport of seeds and fertilizers
Air stream

Release of pressure
Desiccator Cyclone

Seed drop
By gravity

Hydraulic drive, connected directly to the tractor. OPTIONAL External oil tank with multiplier for turbine drive with low flow tractors

Density regulation of seeds and fertilizers
Regulation of fine grains and fertilizer with speed variator

Thick grain adjustment with gearbox in oil bath of 54 changes

Type of fertilization
Simple online

Work and transport wheels
Covers 400/60 x 15.5 high flotation, c / system rocker that absorbs the terrain unevenness

Cutting and breaking
Turbo blade 17 "mounted independent of the body planter

Sowing body
Double disc of 16 ", mounted on forged hub bolted to the disc. Double 7/8 "semi-pneumatic depth control wheels. Optional: Seed Tightening Tweezer, or Single Seed Tweezer 1 "x 9 1/2".


Double 1 "x 10" capping wheels with low disk
Cover wheel 1 "x 12" with low disk
1 "x 12" trapezoidal band wipe wheel with disc
Toothed Capper Disc
Iron capping wheel
The sowing body is attached to articulated parallelograms with loading springs, and individual locking.
Optional: Double capping / leveling wheels. Control the height while sealing the groove.

Electronic control system
Controls in the hopper the level of inputs and the pressure / Obstructions in the discharge tubes / Density of planting and fertilizer in fine grains / Number of hectares worked partially and totally / Turbine speed and speed of advance of the machine / among others .

Horizontal drive

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