APACHE 54000

Fine Grain Seeder Apache 54000

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Variable distance between sowing lines 175, 191, 210, 350, 382. 420, 525 and 700mm.


Chassis Reinforced tubular structure, with 1 front blade holder bar and 2 removable front and rear support frame bars


Transport and working wheels Self-orienting wheels 360º with individual locks. Covers 400/60 x 15.5 high flotation, c / stabilizing hydraulic system that allows to absorb the irregularities of the terrain, protecting the chassis of deformations by extreme stresses. Clearance: 40cm. Longitudinal transport.


Seeder body Double disc of 16 ", mounted on forged hub bolted to the disc (new!). With 2 7/8 "semi-pneumatic depth control wheels. Optional ground-seed contact between tightening tongue or single squeegee wheel 1 "x 9 1/2" (new!). Groove sealing is also optional between double 1 "x 10" squeegee wheels with recessed disc (new!); or; Toothed tooth disc Ø365 (new!). The sowing body is attached to articulated parallelograms with loading springs, and individual locking.


Cutting Blades 16 ", cut the stubble without incorporating it. Models: Turbo, hard flute, ripled


Seeding regulation and dosing Basically, the machine is drilled using the "chevron" wheel dosing unit and regulating the densities with the 54-gear oil bath gearbox. But it has the option to incorporate the system to carry out the seed planing with plates, using the inclined plane planer with side drop, in its most recent version that allows the approach between lines. This system is also regulated with the box of 54 changes


Regulation and dosage of fertilizer By means of "chevron" type wheel, and regulating the densities the variable box with mechanical registration.


Hopper High autonomy, compartmentalized for seeds and fertilizer, with the option of being used only with seeds taking advantage of 85% of its total capacity.


Simple Fertilization, in the line of planting.


Kinematic transmission driven by floating wheel with constant pressure spring.


Lance Hydraulic drive work lance.


Markers Independent hydraulic drive.


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